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The Frikar e-bike is more than a vehicle. It is more than a bike, it is more than a platform. It is a vital part of the future. It is a conscious choice.

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Frikar E-bike on the road front view

Design & sustainability

Design thinking is an integral part of the Frikar e-bike, from road visibility, aerodynamic efficiency, comfort and sustainability. Unique design with lower air drag than a racing bike.

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Riding Frikar e-bike on cobblestone street next to the river with lights on

Comfort & Safety

Excellent ride comfort and four wheels for better stability. Lights and indicators make it easy to spot. Energy absorbing crush zones, roll-over protection and seat belt (optional).

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Frikar e-bike with weather protection

Ride Into The Rain

Designed for the Nordic climate, the Frikar ebike has complete weather protection.

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