Car alternatives: Five recommendations for you

by Podbike | March 24th

Cars are a convenient way to get from A to B, but they are not always the best choice. There are car alternatives that can help you get around more effectively.

Finding a parking spot takes time and can be stressful, and it takes a lot of concentration and mental energy to drive long distances. Include the cost of fuel, depreciation, repairs, and insurance, and owning a car becomes expensive. Driving is not a healthy activity either. Sitting for long periods of time has a deleterious effect on posture, circulation, and musculature. Here are five car alternatives we recommend:

1. Walk

As the saying goes, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. The same goes for walking. Put one foot in front of the other and no destination is unreachable. The most basic form of personal transportation was granted to us at birth: our legs. Walking is good for both physical and brain health. Like the ancient philosophers of Greece and Rome, who walked and walked to organize their thoughts, Apple icon Steve Jobs did the same thing when he had tricky problems to solve. He even took business meetings this way, inviting Silicon Valley business partners for walks in the hills outside Cupertino, California to discuss new ideas and business deals. Walking is a great way to clear your mind, but if it’s too slow, grab some wheels. No more than two, though…at least for now.

2. Bike

If it’s too far to walk to your destination, there’s no better choice than a bike. Yes, you could skateboard or scooter, but these could lead to a trip to hospital if you’re not already adept at riding them. Planners know that people living in urban areas want walkable and rideable cities. More and more bike paths are being built every year, and they often pass through green areas that are off-limits to motorized vehicles – or at least, set off from busy roads so that they are safer for bikes to travel on. If riding seems too physically challenging, it’s easy to find electric-assist bikes which will power you up any hill and give you some extra push on the flats as well. In the following article, we’ve listed six of the biggest advantages for riding an e-bike. (insert link) 

But what about when it rains? No one likes getting wet, so we at Podbike have created a unique, fully-enclosed, hybrid vehicle that keeps you dry, and combines the health benefits of riding with the power-boost of an electric motor …


We’re not really sure if it’s a car or a bike. Because even though the FRIKAR is pedal- powered, it has four wheels and looks more like a sleek, luxury car than a bike. Whatever you want to think of it as, the FRIKAR is optically stunning! Jump in, close the roof, and begin turning the pedals. Whether it’s drizzling or pouring, the 360-degree, glassed-in roof provides complete visibility and protection from the elements. The electric motor will support you up to a speed of 25 km per hour, so you won’t break a sweat if you don’t want to. You’ll arrive at your destination with barely a rosy glow. 

Intrigued? Click here to discover more about Podbike’s revolutionary FRIKAR.

4. Taxi

Let someone else do the driving. That’s exactly what taxis and Ubers are for. They pick you up and drop you off point to point. Some drivers will even load your luggage for you. Having someone else drive is a relaxing way to travel, but if you’re paying them by the minute, it can quickly add up. Taxis are an effective way to cover short distances though, which means you should simply cab it …to the train station.

5. Train

There’s a good reason rapturous books and television shows are written about train travel. Agatha Christie murdered people on the Orient Express for a reason. When she wrote her famous detective novel in 1934, long distance train travel was a luxurious experience.  Although that may not be the case today, passengers can still relax, read, sleep, eat, work, and walk the hallways on a train. Trains may not always arrive on time, but they always reach their destination because the tracks only go in one direction and there’s no simple way of putting a train in reverse. Compared to aircraft, trains are a much more ecological way to travel. They also drop us off right in the centre of most major cities they visit. 

If life were perfect, you’d have your FRIKAR parked at the train station and would ride home in it a few minutes after stepping onto the platform. We have suggestions for how to secure your FRIKAR in public places here.

Conclusion: car alternatives

Switching from a car to replacement modes of transportation is not for everyone. But a lot more people could manage it than we think. And if they did, they’d love the freedom and health benefits it would offer them. At Podbike, we think the FRIKAR is a superlative option for driving less, especially for commuters. The FRIKAR is nimble enough to zip around cities in, and narrow enough to ride on bike paths. Even though it looks like a car, the FRIKAR can go anywhere a two wheeled bicycle is allowed, and it doesn’t need insurance, a licence, or a special parking spot; just lock it up to any stationary object. And of course, a FRIKAR is an amazingly healthy way to travel.

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