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Feedback from a test pilot

Meet our test pilot, Christoph. He was one of the first to receive a test bike.   He has been with us...

Will I fit in the Podbike?

Will I fit in the Podbike?

Am I too tall or too low to fit in the Podbike? The Podbike is designed to fit people from 1,5...

Back on track 👏

New email went out to subscribers today: Check it out....

2019 – Review

2019 was a hectic but amazing year.    We did a lot last year and wanted to share with you some thoughts and...

Door locks & theft protection

We already know the door locks work perfectly according  to workshop manager Øyvind: [embed][/embed] But, let us share some more details with...

Podbikes visibility in traffic

From time to time we receive questions regarding the visibility of Podbike on the road. Read on to learn more about...

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