by PODBIKE | August 28th

In July and August 2019 we have been developing and testing our dashboard, the podbike app.

Why Are We Developing An App?

We found an app to be smarter and saving us space in the Frikar ebike, the app will replace a dashboard.

And in short, it will do everything you normally would expect from a dashboard.

What Will The App Do Then?
  • It will tell you how fast you are biking.
  • Battery status (how much left/used).
  • Settings for assistance level (how much help you want from the electric motor).
  • Information about lights (indicator for high beam, dipped beam and turn signals).
What If My Phone’s Battery Is Empty, Can I Still Bike?

You can bike your ebike without your phone, but you will not have all the information available like how fast you ride.

App For Test Series

For our test series, the app will also log and send us information we need. For instance temperature, km cycled, vibrations, acceleration, performance and more.

Is The App Finished?

The app will still be under development until we start production in 2020.

How Does The App Function?

The Podbike app talks to one of our PBCs, Hårek.

The powerboards for Frikar E-bike
The powerboards for Frikar ebike

Do you recognize the names of our PBC’s?

We love comics????  The names are picked from Hägar the Horribleexcept we are using the names used in the Norwegian version.

Nanna – Controls high beam and low beam.

Powerboard aka nameless – The next generation Hårek.

Hårek – Has the main control, speaks with the app and the other PBC’s.

Balder – Is Nanna’s boss, and needs to work together with her. Balder controls the headlights together with Nanna. Alone he controls the backlights.

Fenris – Controls the motor and pedal generator. You need this to ride forward, backward and to use the regenerative brakes.

What Would You Like To See In The App?

Ideas on what you think should be included in the app can be sent to