by PODBIKE | November 30th

We already know the door locks work perfectly according to workshop manager Øyvind. But, let us share some more details about theft protection with you.

Here is a more detailed video showing how the door locks work:

Learn about the door locks

So, with the Frikar ebike you will get a key. To open the ebike, you must first unlock the back door and then insert your arm and pull the rope to unlock the canopy.

In addition, there will be another ribbon onside Frikar that hang on the rope used to open the ebike. At the end of the belt there is a thin metal plate with a magnet. It will be possible to stick a strap out if you want to be able to open without having to insert the arm into the back.

What if I leave my Frikar ebike unlocked; Can anyone get in and cycle it?

In theory, yes.

We are considering having a starter latch so that it can only be cycled with the smartphone inside. In addition, the ebike must be switched on for assistance.

Are there any additional options for theft protection?
The bike has a canopy that can be locked. But it is a cycle for pedaling so it has to be made of light materials. Those materials will not keep a determined thief away. But we consider offering an alarm or other means to prevent theft. We will also make sure the vehicle is easy to lock safely to fixed objects.

You can also buy a hoop to lock the Frikar ebike to the bike rack.

Small hoop in the back of Frikar E-BIke that makes it possible to lock the e-bike to a bike rack.
Picture showing Frikar ebike with a small hoop in the back, making it possible to lock the ebike to a bike rack.

What about theft protection for the wheels?

The wheels are special for Frikar so theft is not very likely. However they do use standard unbrako, or recessed hexagon similar to DIN 912, so everyone with a fitting allen key can potentially remove the wheels.

If you want to protect the wheels against theft one available solution is Hexloxwe recommend this type.

We also recommend using GPS tracker, there is room under the hood for it.

Other protection?

You could go James Bond….

James Bond’s Burglar Protected Lotus

Ok, this may not work great in the real life… ????