The Podbike® velomobile is a new concept for sustainable personal transportation with its four wheels, electric assist and protection against the weather.

  • Podbike velomobile is more than a vehicle. It is more than a bike, it is more than a platform. It is a vital part of the future. It is a conscious choice.
  • Being partly human powered, it can be cycled like a regular bike, giving you the same light exercise as an electric bike. With electric assist you travel at 25 km/h and using your own pedal power you will go faster and get additional exercise.
  • In future, the Podbike velomobile will park itself, charge battery when needed and come to you when you ask for it.
  • Our goal is to start the first series production late 2020. Read FAQ for updated information about delivery in your region.



Secure priority in delivery for your region by pre-ordering your Podbike now. 

We estimate the initial price for a standard model (without any optionals) to be from NOK 50.000,- (incl. VAT/ local sales tax). This is equivalent to approx. Euro 5000 (plus local sales tax and shipment costs.).

The sales price will be updated closer to launch.

Where* do you want your Podbike delivered?

*Delivery areas may be refined and detailed depending on number of pre-orders, regulations, partners and other factors. Please watch this space for updates.

*Our patient pre-order customers in Europe will get delivery after a priority list (based on location and date of ordered & paid pre-order fee).

Availability outside Europe will depend on the demand and country regulations.

Why buy Podbike velomobile?


Design thinking is an integral part of the Podbike velomobile, from road visibility, aerodynamic efficiency, comfort and sustainability. Unique design with lower air drag than a racing bike.


Excellent ride comfort and four wheels for better stability. Lights and indicators make it easy to spot. Energy absorbing crush zones, roll-over protection and seat belt (optional).


Designed for the Nordic climate, the Podbike velomobile has complete weather protection. Filtered air cabin and optional heating available.


Finding parking is a breeze since it can be stored on its rear end. Standing on it’s tail, eight Podbike velomobiles can fit in a single car parking space.


Easy to enter and leave vehicle as seat position can be raised automatically. Room for one adult plus a child inside. Easy to adjust to fit different users.


In driver less mode, the lightweight Podbike velomobile will travel at 6 km/hour, about the same speed as a person walking. Design for an autonomous future and will be part of a new transportation ecosystem.


The PODBIKE is an electric assisted velomobile designed with focus on practicality, safety, low maintenance and high sustainability with the following qualities:

  • Easy for occupants to enter and leave vehicle. Seat position can be raised automatically (optional)
  • Lower air drag than a racing bike
  • Lightweight body in thermoplastic and frame of aluminum sandwich is strong and can be fully recycled
  • Room for one adult and a child within the cabin
  • Improved safety compared to existing velomobiles. Protective zones to absorb and distribute impact energy in case of collision
  • Excellent ride comfort independent of road conditions

  • Complete weather protection
  • First class cornering stability with its four wheels
  • Smart parking as it can be stored on its rear end to minimize required parking space
  • Two motors, one in each rear wheel, propelled by pedals. Human powered propulsion using no gears or greasy chains
  • The electronic transmission complies with Pan-European requirements for electric assisted cycles
  • A battery pack specially developed for electronic transmission on cycles in Nordic climate

  • Subtle electric assist keeping the velomobile classified as cycle within EU
  • Designed for volume production
  • Efficient shipping to all corners of the world with a little easy end-user assembly
  • Advanced electronic peripherals for increased safety and future possibilities
  • Designed for future autonomous capabilities



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