About us

With focus on safety, sustainability, practicality and good design.


The Podbike velomobile was invented to help bridge the gap between bikes and cars, by combining comfort and safety of a car with the benefits of cycling. The innovation builds on many years of R&D and user experience of e-bikes and current velomobiles.


The company Podbike AS was founded in 2016 by Per Hassel Sørensen (TCO and product developer) and Anne-Lise Heggland (CEO), and we look at ourselves as forward-thinking and nature-loving entrepreneurs. We are currently a small team located in Stavanger/ Norway and the team consist of experienced engineers and creative enthusiasts supported by business-oriented persons.


Our motivation is the ongoing and escalating climate change primarily caused by excessive human consumption of fossil fuels. In our workshop in Stavanger, Norway, we focus on sustainable and ethical production with minimal carbon footprint. We use recyclable materials for the vehicle body and frame. The pieces has been carefully selected to make sure the structure could be light but also strong enough to be safe.


During the product development, our main focus has been on how to improve a velomobile for making it more suitable for the masses. Podbike is specially designed to meet the high demands of today’s consumers on design, comfort, functionality and safety.

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