Battery capacity and charging

Frikar e-bike uses series hybrid propulsion with no direct mechanical linkage between pedals and wheels. All energy transfer from the rider to the wheels is done via electric wires. The vehicle uses one 250W motor for electric assist, and one 250W motor for series hybrid propulsion.

The battery is a core component of the FRIKAR. It needs to be light, energy efficient, and reliable. 

We have chosen an 877 Wh battery. 
Range: 50 - 80 km
Weight: 5 kilos

You can add a power module that can carry up to two battery packs. The batteries don’t require the same level of charge to work well together. Even if they are charged to different degrees, they will still function properly as a single, harmonious source of energy. You have plenty of room for more batteries inside Frikar, but, only two can be connected at once with the module. 

We will offer three battery charging options:

  • A standard charger will restore a fully depleted system in around five hours, and from 20% to 80% SOC in about three hours.
  • A fast charger will restore a fully depleted system in 2,5 hours, and from 20% to 80% in 1,5 hours. 
  •  A low-speed charger will take twice as long as the standard one. i.e. 10 hours.

Battery is removable so that charging can be performed independent of vehicle. That is quite important for cyclists who rides in very cold weather or lack charging possibilities where the Frikar ebike is parked. We continuously work on getting the best possible all-year battery suitable for our Frikar four-wheeled e-bike.