Is the Podbike FRIKAR suitable for people with disabilities?

Information for persons with disabilities in relation to the use of a FRIKAR e-bike.

Reduced function in arms: 

A person who has reduced or no function in one arm will need to have a more customized FRIKAR E-bike. Currently, we do not offer such customization options, but we have a goal of being able to achieve such adaptations in the future.

The steering does not necessarily require both arms, but the issue arises with the need to operate both brakes and the different functions in the left vs. right joystick that serve different functions and the opening and closing of the lightweight canopy.  

Custome Pedals or Pedal Pendulums: 

If you are currently using special pedals or a pedal pendulum, the fit for FRIKAR would depend on the size, as the pedal pendulum might be too big for the FRIKAR due to the clearance between from pedal to the panel being 3 cm on the left side and 2 cm on the right side. If you remove both standard pedals the clearing is around 130 mm per side, If you want us to check if the pedals you are using would fit in the FRIKAR e-bike then send us the specifications to

Picture showing pedals and space between the pedals inside FRIKAR.

The Pedals we currently have are about 10 cm wide, so far wide feet have not been an issue that we have received feedback about since it was made wider on the Pre-series compared to the older version of the FRIKAR Test-Model.

The FRIKAR does not require a driver's license as we are legally recognized as an e-bike within the EU. However, the person riding the FRIKAR must have enough sight and be mentally able to navigate traffic and pedestrians in a responsible and safe manner.  

If you want us to check if the pedals you are using would fit in the FRIKAR e-bike, or if our Podbike could be a good option for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our ambition is to be able to offer a FRIKAR e-bike that will suit your needs, including for our Podbike community with disabilities.