We use three motors/ generators, two that acts as electronic transmission and one that acts as assist motor/electronic brake. The power to the assist motor is limited to 250 W continuous output and 25 KPH speed limit, while the other motor output matches the pedal generator input thus acting as the human powered transmission. This motor works beyond 25 KPH. However, when you use the electronic brake that can be triggered manually, for example by pedalling backwards while going forward, or automatic, when reaching max downhill speed, both wheel motors brake the vehicle.

The assistance to speed from the battery is limited to 25 KPH. However, the pedal generator is not. So by continuing to pedal and thus supplying manmade pedal energy, speed may increase beyond assist speed depending on various factors like inclination, generator output, efficiency and rolling resistance. However, the max speed will be limited to 60 KPH for safety reasons. We store pedalling energy and braking energy using electric batteries. We do not use mechanical flywheel (s).