How do I lock it and how can it be protected against theft?

The ebike has a canopy that can be locked. But it is a cycle for pedalling so it has to be made of light materials. Those materials will not keep a determined thief away.

With the Frikar ebike you will get a key. To open the ebike, you must first unlock the back door and then insert your arm and pull a rope to unlock the canopy.

In addition, there will be another ribbon onside the ebike that hang on the rope used to open the ebike. At the end of the belt there is a thin metal plate with a magnet. It will be possible to stick a strap out if you want to be able to open without having to insert the arm into the back. See video of the door locks here.

FRIKAR also got a small hoop in the back, making it possible to lock it to a bike rack. See picture here!

We also recommend using GPS tracker, there is room under the hood for it.