How fast can I ride with the Frikar ebike?

Maximum speed is 60 km/H downhill (by automatic breaking system). 

Currently we are focusing on Frikar ebike as a Pedelec, meaning el-assist up to 25 km/h +/- 10%.


Frikar is a velomobile and velomobiles are quite efficient and the streamlined body will help maintaining speed somewhat faster than regular bikes:

Our vehicle has approximately 35% of the air drag compared to normal e-bike with rider.

With your own pedal power it should be possible to reach more than 30 km/h but we will test this on our test bikes and update information on our website when we have more test data available.

Prelim specs:

Max speed: 60 kph (downhill). Automatic brake – and recuperation.

Max assisted speed: 25 kph 

Frikar ebike is designed to be a EPAC/ Pedelec within regulations as defined for EU; i.e. max assisted speed 25 kph, max continuous assist power 250W and assist cease to function if cyclist stop pedaling.

Uphill the speed is slower than an ordinary e-bike due to larger mass. Uphill it has the advantage of four wheels, and is therefore more stable than a regular cargo bike with two or three wheels. It also has a good electric automatic gear that is integrated with the motor solution. This makes it easy to keep a high speed on the pedals even in steep hills.


Downhill the speed is faster due to the heavier weight and low air resistance. On flat ground there is faster speed due to low air resistance. 

The Frikar ebike has fully independent suspension, allowing high air pressure in tires giving low rolling resistance but still offer comfortable ride. The low centre of gravity allows very high lateral forces without danger of overturning so you can maintain vehicle speed through bends and corner.