The materials for the Frikar e-bike are selected with recycling in mind.
Primary structural components are made of corrosion protected aluminium. Some safety-related details, like the roll-over protection, are made of stainless steel. The body and canopy are made of UV stabilized thermoplastic. For volume production the body panels will be made of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic. That is the same material as used in lightweight and expensive suitcases. Body in thermoplastic and frame of aluminium sandwich is strong and light and can be fully recycled. The bicycle base plate is made of aluminium sandwich of same type as used in some racing cars and is light and stiff. The cover consists of a clear canopy attached to the two doorblades, where everything is lifted up and backwards. The hinge mechanism consist of a four-point hinge with an integral gas spring/damper on each side.

The canopy is made of plastic with a special hard-wearing film to avoid scratches, but will be damaged by careless treatment.