What is the Frikar ebike?

Frikar is an e-bike with four wheels, providing weather protection. You need to pedal for the assistance to kick-in. You will have electric assist up to 25 km/h. Higher speed needs to be based on your pedalling, as well as wind and gravity. When the speed goes above 50 km/h (only possible downhill) the electric motors automatically starts to gently brake the vehicle. Max speed is around 60 km/h (only possible downhill).

The Frikar e-bike seeks to mate comfort and practicality from cars with low environmental impact and healthy life-style from cycling. It will be made from easily reusable materials that together with high efficiency results in personal transport with minimum environmental impact.

Frikar e-bike is similar to a velomobile. They are best in class personal transport based on energy consumption during production and use. The Frikar ebike reduces emissions from transport by a factor of ten or more compared with electric cars on renewable energy and a factor of at least forty compared with modern cars (traditional and hybrid ICE cars). Frikar ebike diminishes noise and air pollution, reduces traffic jams and require much less parking space while also providing healthy exercise.