What is the full spec for the Frikar e-bike?

The full spec is yet to be finalized but here are some preliminary spec (may change):

Size: 2360 mm long, 839 mm wide, 1190 mm tall (ride height), 1500 mm tall (raised)

  • Weight when empty: approx. 90kg
  • Max weight when loaded: 200 kg
  • Occupancy: has room for 1 adult + lot of luggage, or less luggage and a child
  • Child seat (optional): Up to six years / 22 kg (whatever comes first)
  • Towing hitch: Yes (optional)
  • Absolute top speed: 60 kph (downhill)
  • Max assisted speed: 25 kph
  • Air & rolling resistance target: Max 100W for 30 kph, about the same as a racing bike
  • Frikar ebike is designed to be an EPAC/Pedelec within regulations as defined for EU; i.e. max assisted speed 25 kph, max continuous assist power 250W and assist cease to function if cyclist stop pedalling