Will there be a Speed pedelec (S-pedelec 45 km/h) version of Frikar ebike in the future?

At the moment our focus is on getting the Frikar ebike (Pedelec version) ready and on the market.

Currently, we do not have any plans about making a S-Pedelec. Pedal cycles with motor assist having assist speed above 25 km/h (S-pedelecs) are not allowed on existing bike infrastructure (a couple of countries have exceptions like Denmark that allow L1e-a on bike paths outside city limits).

However, the Frikar ebike is more aerodynamic than a racing bike and it will not be a problem to achieve higher speeds than the assisted 25km/h. As the speed might become very high, especially downhill with the help of gravity, we have speed limited to 60km/h for safety reasons.