Podbikes visibility in traffic

Podbikes visibility in traffic

From time to time we receive questions regarding the visibility of Podbike on the road.

Read on to learn more about visibility.

Almost ten years ago, Per had a bad accident while riding his bike. His knee was crushed and he almost broke his neck.

After the accident, he became afraid of riding his two-wheeler.

The number one reason for the founder Per to develop Podbike was the lack of safety and visibility on a regular bike.

See the full story behind Podbike in this video:

Will the cars see me?

Le profil bas des vélomobiles a souvent été mentionné comme un problème majeur à la fois en raison de la faible hauteur des yeux du cycliste et de la faible visibilité par les autres automobilistes.

The Podbike is 1100 mm high, and you will feel like you are sitting inside a sports car with large windows. But 1100 mm is 50 mm higher than a Lamborghini Miura and 50 mm lower than a Volkswagen XL1. We agree that there are benefits of raising eye level on the vehicle. That is part reason why we will offer an option to raise the rear end of the vehicle. So the rider eye level can be raised to get better overview. But only when going slow. As the elevated vehicle’s higher centre of gravity makes the vehicle much less stable, there will be speed limit and visual warning.

See this chart to compare Podbike’s height to cars:


Per Hassel (fondateur et développeur de produit) a déclaré:
«Après sept ans d'utilisation d'un vélomobile encore plus bas, le vélomobile néerlandais Alleweder, l'argument de ne pas être visible dans le trafic est tout simplement faux, car les gros corps de vélomobiles sont beaucoup plus visibles pour les autres véhicules en interaction par rapport aux vélos debout normaux. La taille relativement importante oblige un cyclomobiliste sur un vélomobile à se comporter davantage comme une voiture, rendant l’interaction avec la circulation plus prévisible, comparable à une voiture. Le vélomobile Podbike est plus haut qu’une Lamborghini Countach mais plus bas qu’une Bugatti Veyron, et à peu près aussi facile à détecter dans les embouteillages en raison du profil, des couleurs et de la lumière. Un vélomobile Podbike est beaucoup plus haut que la plupart des cônes de circulation et des îlots directionnels. Et ils sont facilement visibles par les conducteurs qui passent ».


Y aura-t-il un drapeau sur le Podbike?

Nous proposerons un drapeau haute visibilité avec une longue perche en option, mais nous tenons à signaler qu’il pourrait ne pas apporter de réelle sécurité supplémentaire:

“I tried once to ride with a long orange rod with flag to see if that gave any benefits. But even if car drivers could see the flag behind hedges etc, exploiting my increased visibility did not make sense. So the air drag slowed me down and the flag pole was obstructing low passes. And I actually felt less secure. It seemed some drivers assumed a child on a bike at low speed when seeing the flag and not expecting a velomobile at speed.” – Per Hassel Sørensen.


Combien de feux un Podbike aura-t-il?

The Podbike velomobile will have lights in the front and behind in addition to the turn signals on each side. These are redundant lights, supplied from two power supplies both front and rear. In case something goes wrong, there is still light. The body will also be equipped with reflectors as required to be street legal in the country it is configured for. That includes “Z” marked reflectors for Germany.

Picture showing the front (test series 2019)

Picture showing the back (test series 2019)


Do you have any questions?

Find answers in Podbike FAQ.



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