by PODBIKE | April 29th


Every little detail within the Frikar ebike needs attention, and many are specially designed and made by us.

The existing hand controls are one such part. We believe you have higher expectations for them? At least we do! 

So, read on if you want to see what we are working on at this very moment….

Ilustration of Frikar ebike handles

The ebike will have two control handles for functional control, here steering bar is shown with control units in place but without the exterior rubber handles.

There will be a light in both handles to tell you if the ebike is switched on. The light will even be strong enough for you to see it in bright sunlight.

Right side control:

Right side handle controls propulsion and normal vehicle functions:

  • Lights dipped beam/main beam on/off
  • Turn signal
  • Bell
  • Assistance level

Right side control:

This handle is all about the goodies you choose with your bike.

Some examples of what this could be:

  • Washer pump
  • Fan speed
  • Air heater
  • Handsfree answer/hangup
  • Speaker volume
  • Audio channel/track

Notice! This is not the full list of available functions, the functions will vary with the various extra packages.

We are also looking into:

  • The possibility to move functions from one side to the other one, for you to choose which functions you want on which side.