by PODBIKE | March 3rd

Headlights ebike: A good bike for summer & winter requires good bike headlights. So we have been working on headlights that provide excellent light and still being compliant to the international bike light standard ISO 6742. This standard is rather new but we foresee that it will replace national standards like:

  • British Standard BS6102/3
  • German standard  DIN 33958
  • Dutch DEKRA (Bicycle Lamp and Retroreflector Performance Rating Standard)

Further information about national bike light standards within EU can be found here.

Even following ISO 6742 does not guarantee sufficient light for all year use. This is partly due to limited power from dynamos, the original power source which these standards originally were based on. So we have two headlights which together results in very good light.

Quality assurance for the headlights

To help us make the headlights according to ISO 6742 (and StVZO §67, and DEKRA, etc…) we have hired Matthew Conte, an automotive lights engineer from a company in USA that manufacture high quality bike lights. Read more. He does the computer simulations and help us design the bike lights to the meet the standards and our internal specification on weight, lifetime, power consumption, cost etc.

Here are some of the first computer simulation results for the Podbike headlight:

Frikar e-bike headlight simulation
Frikar ebike headlight simulation.

The standard lights will be among the best legal bikelights available on the market, here is the light intensity from the cabin using only one headlight:

Frikar e-bike light intensity from the cabin using only one headlight
The light intensity from the cabin using only one headlight.

For those who want to go really fast during demanding conditions on very dark roads we hope to be able to offer an optional “1000 meter” full beam. Unfortunately, that option will produce twice the heat internally. We need to do further heat simulations and practical tests to know if it is achievable or not.

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