by PodBike | February 27th

We get a lot of questions regarding the Frikar ebikes visibility in the dark.

Watch the video and read on to learn more about Frikars visibility in the dark.

How many lights do the Frikar ebike have?

  • 2 lights in front
  • 2 lights in the back
  • Turning signals in the back, side and front on both sides.

These are redundant lights, supplied from two power supplies both front and rear. In case something goes wrong, there will still be light. Besides: The body will also have reflectors (that includes “Z” marked reflectors for the German market). Reflectors will be dependent on which country it is made for. There are different regulations on reflectors across Europe.

Picture showing lights in front of the ebike (test series 2019).
Picture showing the lights in the back of the ebike and retro-reflectors on tire sidewalls (test series 2019).

The lights in the back are still 3D-printed. They will shine much brighter when we get the final ones.

There will also be a white light when driving in reverse.

Ops. We have received some information saying the reverse lights may not be street legal in Germany. We have conflicting information about this. If someone has updated information regarding this, please contact us. However, the hardware is in place and compliance is only a software update away. We presume this important safety feature is legal. Anyway, this is easily fixed with a simple software update.

The side indicators are also retro-reflectors.

Besides, if preferable – you can buy and add even more retro-reflectors.