by PODBIKE | May 28th

Here is the feedback from a test pilot: Meet our test pilot, Christoph. He was one of the first to receive a test bike. 

He has been with us testing Frikar ebike since early December 2019. And guess what, Christoph is from Germany. 

Feedback from Germany

As many of our fans and customers are from Germany, we thought it would be nice to have a video in German. Therefore the rest of us will need to read the text in English.

Meet our German test pilot, Christoph!

Christoph is from Schwäbisch- Hall in southern Germany. He drives a distance of about 30 km every day. Because of the windy and rainy weather in his region, he was interested in the FRIKAR ebike. It was too cumbersome for him to put on rainproof clothing all the time. That is why the FRIKAR ebike is the optimal solution for him to be able to ride a bike even in bad weather. 

Christoph has had many opportunities to test the window screen wiper and he is satisfied with the result. See the wiper in action in this video on Facebook!

He remembers a special day in Januar. The weather forecast reported slippery roads and ice. But, he did not trust the prediction. Therefore he chose to bike with the regular (summer) tires. It was a mistake, the road was frozen in a curve. Braking was hardly possible and he slid against a curb. He was happy he used the Frikar ebike, it would have been a bad fall with a normal bike. After this experience, he put on his studded tires. The next day he was able to cope well on slippery and icy conditions. Learn more about how Frikar copes with weather here.

He states the Frikar ebike has so far completely convinced him.

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