How to steer the Podbike

How to steer the Podbike

Ever wondered how to steer the Podbike?

We will show you 🙂


Learn how in this tutorial:

These handles are your control and steering system for the Podbike. You have one joystick for each hand.

If you turn the steering to the right the wheels will follow. And, if you turn it to the left the wheels will follow.

You can also move the steering down and up. It will not affect anything, it is just to give you more possible positions for comfort. The steering is also hinged so it doesn’t get in the way when getting in and out of the bike.

You have brakes on each side.

The right brake goes to the front wheels and the left brake goes to the back wheels.

The parking brake is also on the left side.


Functions on the right side:

To start the Podbike you need to push on the top button for 2-3 seconds until you hear a noise.

If you push the button in front you will hear the bike bell.

The top button can also be moved forward to turn on the blower in the front. Just move it forward several times to increase the velocity. To turn the blower off, just move the button backwards several times until it shuts down.

To turn off the Podbike, press the top button again for 2 seconds until you hear a noise.


Functions of the left side:

The top button is for the indicator lights. Move it to the left to indicate on the left side. Move it to the right to indicate on the right side. Click on the top to stop the indicator lights.

If you hold the top button down for 2-3 seconds the lights will flash to indicate a warning.

The front button adjusts the lights (the lights are automatically on – when you start the Podbike). Press once for high beam, press again for low beam.




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