How will weather and terrain conditions influence the usability?

How will weather and terrain conditions influence the usability?

Will it get too hot inside the Podbike?

Read on to learn how the Podbike copes with rain, heat, cold and bumpy roads.


What if it rains, how will I see through the canopy? 

We will have a windscreen wiper on our optional list. It will be manual, as in old cars.


What about dew/mist on the window?

Jet wind is led through the ventilation duct along the inside of the windshield during cycling.

The electric fan creates air circulation when the bike is stationary. A heater that preheats ventilation air during cycling. In addition, the ventilation has a large capacity and can be further enhanced by an optional electric fan/ demist option.


Will it get too hot inside the Podbike in the sun?

We have put much effort into trying to solve cooling in best possible ways. We plan to use both IR reflective coating on the surface and IR filter in the material of the canopy.

We also plan to offer a removable internal sun shadow made of light fabric as seen on front windows on some tourist busses.

The canopy can be removed completely or left partially open to be able to ride in very nice weather without overheating.

Or you can purchase our ventilator solution with single or double blowers that are developed for very misty or very warm environments.

A tinted canopy with extra UV protection will also become an option in the future. Active seat cooling increase mass, cost and complexity but we have been in contact with suppliers of such systems for cars. It might become an option at a later stage.

We recently tested the Podbike at 32°C (Yes, in Norway 😜).

As expected, the smaller blower is not strong enough. It draws through 80 litres of air per second. The larger blower on our list of optional equipment will draw through 180 litres per second. If you live in a hot area, remember to order the largest blower.


Can I use the Podbike on snow and ice? 

Podbike velomobile is an all-year bike. It is secure and stable on slippery roads as it has four wheels, all with the same 27-406 rim dimension.

The wheels are attached with a single safety bolt, similar to a Formula 1 car. This makes it very easy and quick to change between summer- and winter wheels.

We will offer optional extra winter wheelset with or without studs. With studs, the vehicle rides excellent on both snow and ice. But, you will not be able to use the Podbike in deep snow.

Read about our test pilot Christoph’s meeting with slippery roads 


What if I need to park my Podbike outside during the winter? 

We have worked a lot to get a bike that will work well in the winter. We are thus planning an equipment package for cold climates.
If you plan to park your Podbike outside, you should have this package.
It will probably include:
– Fan and a small heating element, primarily intended for dew removal but which can also be used when the bike is parked.
– Timer function for fan and heating with control via the app (fan and heating can be switched on automatically).
– Temperature sensor for outdoor and indoor temperature (timer function is based on outdoor and indoor temperature).
In addition, you should possibly have:
– Winter tarpaulin – UV-resistant and intended for outdoor use with insulation
– Extra charger
– Extra battery (expensive)
Currently, you have to remove the battery for charging below 0 ° C, but we are working on a possible solution that can handle charging at -20 ° C.
Can I ride the Podbike on bumpy roads?

It is constructed to handle a lot, including bumpy roads. Still, the Podbike is not an off-road bike.

The Podbike has got a fully independent suspension on all four wheels. This allows for high air pressure in tires giving low rolling resistance but still offer a comfortable ride.



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