Terms & Conditions

1) Reservation.

Thank you for your reservation of a FRIKAR! You have secured an estimated priority for delivery of Frikar ebike for your country and region (zip code). We will inform on our website www.podbike.com about which countries and areas that are prioritized for delivery. By giving us this trust, you help build a green, economical and fun ebike that we believe the world really needs. Again – thank you!

2) Date of reservation

This reservation is considered valid from the payment of your reservation.

3) Booking

It is important to emphasize that this reservation is not an order or sale of a Frikar ebike. The reservation gives you an estimated priority for delivery in your country and region (zip code). When production starts up for deliveries in your country and region, Podbike will contact you about any options and choices for the delivery of your FRIKAR.

You will eventually receive a purchase agreement that gives you the opportunity to complete this booking process with an order. If you wish to complete the order, we will consider your booking payment as part of the order payment. Until you have entered into a purchase agreement for a FRIKAR ebike, you can cancel at any time and you will receive a full refund of your reservation.

4) Terms – non transferable, limited quantity

We will not pay you any interest for your reservation payment and the amount will not be retained on a separate or blocked account. It is not possible to transfer your reservation to another party without the written consent of Podbike. It is not possible to reserve more than 4 – 4 FRIKAR ebikes per person through reservation payment without the express written consent of Podbike.

5) Information.

From time to time, we will inform you about the development of FRIKAR ebike and ask for information from you to make the best possible ebike.

6) Risk

There is a risk we are obliged to inform you about: In the unlikely event that Podbike AS go bankrupt or become insolvent, we will not be able to refund your reservation fee. So in the worst case, you may lose some or all of the money paid for the reservation.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.