Pricing of Frikar e-bike for Europe

by PODBIKE | December 19th

In May we shared with you that there will be a price increase.

Due to COVID-19 has driven up the demand for bicycle parts and several components and raw materials. 

We have two kits: Frikar STANDARD e-bike and Frikar PLUS e-bike.

The standard Frikar e-bike will include:

  • One external mirror
  • Easily removable canopy
  • Dual front lights
  • Dual rear lights
  • Sidelights *not in Germany
  • Direction indicator lights
  • Daylight running lamp
  • Reverse light *not in Germany
  • Hazzard warning light
  • Internal speaker for warnings
  • Adjustable seat
  • Adjustable pedal generator
  • Pedals with toe cap
  • Summer tires
  • Battery (reach up to 80 km)
  • Standard battery charger
  • USB charge port
  • Mobile phone mount
  • Bike bell
  • Ready for user-installed keyless entry kit (user-installable)
  • Bluetooth interface for free dashboard app

Frikar PLUS will have the same equipment as Frikar STANDARD and more.

To make the production start less complex, we will initially only supply the Frikar PLUS – which is as follows compared to Frikar STANDARD:

All prices are excluded from local taxes and shipment costs. All prices are subject to changes without notice.

Early 2022, we will share information about optional equipment with pricing.

If you already have a pre-order: You will receive an invitation to our configurator when it is closer to the delivery of your e-bike. After deciding on what equipment you want, you will receive the final invoice before delivery.

First deliveries will start: 

If everything goes according to our timetable, we will start delivery in 2022. The first deliveries will be in Norway as it is close to our R&D department. It is simply the smartest and easiest way to launch a new product. As we have a lot of German customers, Germany is also very high on our delivery list. As soon as we have more details to share, we will update you through and newsletter.

If you haven’t yet, do what +3400 others have done before you:

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