Extra Battery for FRIKAR Signature e-bike



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Our batteries are easy, quick to recharge, removable, and attached in custom slots making the installation a piece of cake without cables or fuzz.

The Signature battery is removable, the charging will be performed independently of the vehicle. This is an important feature for cyclists who ride in very cold weather or lack charging possibilities where the FRIKAR Signature e-bike is parked. The battery is a core component of the FRIKAR, this is why we have chosen a light, energy-efficient, and reliable 877 Wh battery specially customized for Podbike by BMZ produced in Germany. 


Manufacturer: BMZ GmbH, Specialized Equipment for Podbike

Item Code: #40601-00

Battery energy: 877Wh

Nom. charge voltage: 42V

Max. charge current: 14A

Weight: 5000g or 5 kg

Color: Black

Range: 50 – 80 km

Since there is currently no standardized range determination and numerous criteria influence the range of an electric bicycle, it is

of an electric bike, it is very difficult to make binding statements, but we are comfortable saying you can expect a range between 50-80 km from one full battery charge.

The following factors have a strong influence on the expected range of the e-bike:

– battery capacity

– route profile

– rider weight

– outdoor temperature

– wind conditions

– support mode

– motor system

– bike type and weight

– tire pressure

All these criteria play a role in the possible range role and differ for each ride.

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