Beautiful design

Design thinking is an integral part of the Podbike Frikar ebike, from road visibility, aerodynamic efficiency, comfort and sustainability. Unique design with lower air drag than a racing bike.

Comfort & safety

Excellent ride comfort and four wheels for better stability. Lights and indicators make it easy to spot. Energy absorbing crush zones, roll-over protection and seat belt (optional).

Ride into the rain

Designed for the Nordic climate, the Frikar ebike has complete weather protection. Filtered air cabin and optional heating available.

Future proof

In driver less mode, the lightweight Frikar ebike will travel at 6 km/hour, about the same speed as a person walking. Design for an autonomous future and will be part of a new transportation ecosystem.

Unique solution


Frikar ebike is classified as cycle within Europe (you can use bike lanes). No licence or registration needed.

Improved safety

(compared to existing velomobiles). Protective zones to absorb and distribute impact energy in case of collision.


First class cornering stability with its four wheels.


50 - 80 km per battery. There is room for several batteries.


Room for one adult and optional child seat (up to 6 years/22 kilos).


El-assist up to 25 km/h. Max speed 60 km/h (downhill).


L 2,3 m - W 84 cm (about the same width as a regular bike trailer).

Available options

Window wiper, blower, child seat, towbar for a bike trailer, winter tires and more.


Remove the canopy on the hottest days.


160 litres of storage space behind the seat.

Less maintenance

No greasy chain.

Production start

Spring 2022.


From 6249€ (+vat, shipping and optional equipment).


Fits people from 1,5 to maximum 2 meters.


Frikar will be delivered almost fully assembled.


With +3700 pre-orders, expected delivery for new pre-orders is 2024.

Carbon Footprint

And life expectancy calculator

We’re passionate not only about making your journeys safe, comfortable and enjoyable, but we are also passionate about the environment.

Did you know that swapping your car for a bike not only reduces your carbon footprint but also increases your life expectancy?

Use the calculator below to discover how much you can reduce your carbon footprint, and how many more years you could add to your life.
(The calculations are based on stats from a regular bike.)

CO2-Fußabdruck reduziert um

Lebenserwartung erhöht um