E-bike: The biggest mistakes when buying an e-bike

by PODBIKE | November 2nd

Avoid the biggest mistakes when buying an e-bike. You are most likely already aware that an e-bike can change your life. That’s why you are reading this right now 😁

If you buy the wrong bike for your needs, it could be a waste of money.

Check this list before you decide on which e-bike to buy:
Checklist when buying an e-bike
1. Climbing Hills

Some e-bikes will not get you up the hills in Norway, Switzerland and elsewhere. Check the steepness of the hills and check if the bike you want can handle it. Our e-bike FRIKAR will handle a maximum of 18% with a max weight of 200 kilos.

2. Speed

By law license-free e-bikes are limited to 25 km/h. You can also buy an e-bike with a speed limit of 45 km/h. But, then you will not be able to use the bike infrastructure (with some exceptions), and you will need a license. Our FRIKAR is limited to 25 km/h, but, by using the power of your feet it can move faster. Downhill max is 60 km/h before automatic braking kicks in. The aerodynamic design also makes is easier going faster than 25 km/h. But, 25 – 30 km/h is more realistic on a flat road. Uphill it will move slower than a regular e-bike due to its weight.

3. Range of the e-bike

Weight, terrain, level of assistance and use of extra equipment will influence the range of your e-bike or Podbike Frikar. To compare range you should simply look at the battery energy in Kilowatt-hours (KWh). Frikars range will be from 60 – 90 km. But, will of course be dependent on the factors mentioned above. If you feel this is not enough, you can add extra batteries (there is space for them behind the seat). How will you use the bike? Is the range enough to get you back and forth to your work/school?

4. Buying the same e-bike as your best friend

It is not certain that the exact same bike your friend has got is the perfect match for you. You might have different heights and other needs than your friend. So, if you are buying a typical e-bike you might need another frame or even a different e-bike than your friend. Inside our Frikar, it is easy to adjust the seat and pedaling to accomodate users from 1,5 to 2 meters.

In addition, will you be riding offroad? Then you will need an offroad bike.

5. You are happy with the bike you have

If you cannot find a single reason for why you need an e-bike. Then you do not need an e-bike at all!

Our e-bike FRIKAR is more like a replacement for a car on shorter trips than a replacement for a bike.

6. Will you use the e-bike all-year-round?

How is the climate in your area? Do you need protection from the weather (rain, snow, sun)? Or a bike without weather-protection would be sufficient?

FRIKAR is the perfect e-bike for people who will bike all-year-round with full weather protection. You can even order a window wiper for rainy days, studded tires for the winter. If it gets too hot in the summer, you can simply use the blower or even remove the canopy.

7. Do you have back issues or others that require a special riding position?

If yes, you should most definitely try the e-bike before you buy it.

Our e-bike Frikar will in many cases be a perfect fit for a commuter bike or a recumbent bike. But, it is actually a velomobile, pedal car, quadricycle or what you prefer to call it 🙂

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