by PODBIKE | May 28th

In the following we will do a vehicle comparison. Therefore we compare the FRIKAR with other vehicles concerning a one person commute. The differences are significant. Convince yourself.

A vehicle comparison chart

Vehicle comparison chart for personal commuting
Vehicle comparison chart

Would you want a car through the city for commuting to work?

This chart shows how much more efficient bikes and Podbike Frikar ebike are. Not only in terms of energy usage, but even concerning time usage during the city peak hours and in separate lanes. More weight, more power and more speed are not always the best choice for our daily commute. Especially in cities and druing rushhours bicycles and ebikes suchs as the FRIKAR have many advantages. On sperate lanes through the city they are even faster than cars. Not to mention the saved time to search for a parking space. Thanks to Velo-Promo-Biel for the chart idea!

In addition to that the FRIKAR is better for the environment, too. We selected the materials for FRIKAR with recycling in mind. Primary structural components are made of sea-water resistant aluminium. It protects itself from corrosion. That means we do not need surface coating and paint to protect the chassis. Read more about the footprint of FRIKAR.