Why an e-bike is the best choice – Six reasons for an e-bike

by Podbike | August 12th

Pedal a little and roll comfortably up a hill. E-bikes are convenient modes of transportation for the commute to work or the weekendtrip, and they’re growing in popularity. Every year, more people are buying an e-bike. In 2020, a total of around 1.95 million e-bikes were purchased in Germany. More than ever before. We understand this development, because there is a lot to be said for buying a bike with electric assistance. Here are the six most important reasons for an e-bike.

1. An e-bike is more comfortable than a bicycle

Accelerate, downshift and then pedal at full speed as soon as you start going uphill. If you want to climb a hill on a bicycle, you need strong calves. With an e-bike, inclines are doable for everyone. This increase in comfort means that more and more people are opting for the two-wheeler and leaving their cars behind. In a survey on the use of e-bikes, almost 60 percent stated that they cycle more with the e-bike than before. (Source: Statista) In addition, the distances covered by cyclists are also becoming longer. According to a study by infas, people in the 40 to 49 age group in particular are covering about seven kilometers more than usual. Where they would have ridden only eleven kilometers by bicycle, they now ride 18 kilometers by pedelec. (Source: Statista)

2. An e-bike is also an alternative in rain and snow

As soon as it starts to drizzle or the temperatures drop towards freezing, the bike is left at home. People would rather cram themselves into the subways, trains, streetcars and buses or take the car. Only a few hardy people put on their rain gear and remain faithful to their two-wheelers in all weathers. With the FRIKAR, that will change. The FRIKAR e-bike offers protection from rain and, thanks to its four tires, lies safely on the bike path even in snow. FRIKAR is an e-bike on four wheels with protection from all weathers. It is designed to give more people the opportunity to ride an e-bike in any weather. You can pre-order it here.

3. An e-bike is cheaper than a car.

No parking fees, no insurance and no fuel costs. An e-bike is significantly cheaper than a car. In an average cost comparison over a period of five years, the e-bike comes to about 700 euros per year. A car costs an average of 5,500 euros per year. (Source: klimaaktiv.de) The specific price advantages depend heavily on the vehicle in question. One thing is for sure: if you prefer to spend your money on high-quality food or reduce your working hours, you have plenty of reasons to switch from a car to an e-bike.

4. An e-bike makes you independent of timetables and traffic jams

When does the train leave? How long will it take me to get to the stop? When do I have to leave to catch the bus? With the e-bike, it doesn’t matter. We can ride whenever we want. The e-bike will wait for us for as long as we need and then take us directly to our destination. On the way there, we will pass the lines of cars during rush hours, because traffic jams are rare on bike paths.

5. An e-bike is good for our health

Many of us work sitting down these days. We huddle in front of our laptops and only get up to grab a coffee or go to the bathroom. Exercise outside of work is therefore more important than ever. And we can start doing that right on the way to work, on an e-bike. Our physical and mental health improves with exercise, that’s been scientifically proven. Health organizations all over the world recommend 2.5 hours of moderate physical activity. This can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

In this context, Miami University conducted a study to research the effect of e-bikes. The result: “Positive perceptions toward e-bike riding occurred in most participants, and qualitative analyses included perceptions of commuting with an e-bike as “easier” and “fun,” among other positive terms. Together, these results imply that e-bikes are viable options for active transportation that can benefit individual health and reduce congestion and pollution from gas-powered vehicles.” (Source: Translational Journal)

6. An e-bike is more sustainable

E-bikes do not emit exhaust gases, like cars with internal combustion engines. And they also have an environmental advantage over e-cars. The German Institute of Urban Affairs gives an average energy balance of 1:30 for e-bikes compared to cars. E-bikes are therefore more efficient and therefore better for the environment. A study by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research in Heidelberg found that e-bikes even perform better than public transportation. (To the study: Pedelection) Therefore: Anyone who wants to get around sustainably is well advised to use an e-bike.

Conclusion: Reasons for an e-bike

E-bikes are more pleasant than conventional bikes. They are also a cheaper alternative to cars in bad weather. They make us independent of timetables and traffic jams. They are good for our health and they are more sustainable than most other means of transport. How many more reasons do you need to switch to an e-bike?

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