by PODBIKE | April 29th

Will I fit in Frikar ebike? Am I too tall or too low to fit in the Frikar ebike?

Frikar is designed to fit people from 1,5 to max 2 meters.

Some tall people have already tested Frikar e-bike, but we were lacking evidence to show you.

Meet Ole Tom, he is 1,97 m tall. We invited him for a test ride to make sure Frikar fits tall people and to gather evidence for you.

Tall person sitting in Frikar e-bike

He had enough space inside Frikar ebike and was able to ride it. We did not need to max the distance between the pedal generator and the seat.

How is it possible that Frikar ebike can fit people from 1,5 to 2 meters?

Well, the pedal generators position can be adjusted. Secondly, the rake of the seat can be adjusted. And lastly, also the steering position can be adjusted.

All these adjustments can be done in seconds without any tools.

See this short video to see Ole Tom taking a test ride with Frikar ebike.

What about my feet, will they touch the canopy? 

Some of you might have seen some videos on our social channels with scratches in the canopy. All the canopies for the test bikes are handmade, some of them are unfortunately a bit too low in the front. When entering series production the canopy will no longer be handmade, and therefore this obstacle will disappear.

Ole Tom has a shoe size of 45 (Euro size) equal to 11,5 in UK size. He experienced the pedals in Frikar ebike were too small for his feet. Therefore we will offer several kinds of pedals. In addition, we are considering something – and would love to have your input:

To accommodate tall people we are also considering to offer alternate lengths of pedal arms.

The standard pedal arm length on a regular bike is 170 mm. The Frikar ebike standard pedal arm length is 152 mm. Which means the Frikar ebike standard pedal arm length is 18 mm shorter than on a regular bike. However, some cyclists say they would love to have the option of even shorter pedal arms. So, we are thinking about offering a pedal arm length of 140 mm. Would you buy it? Let us know! And, we love hearing from you guys. Anything on your heart regarding other topics too – let us know.

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