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By innovate thinking and environmental mindset we will create PODBIKE® as a sustainable future personal transport solution.

PODBIKE® is a human powered vehicle with electric assist, an e-bike with four wheels, providing weather protection and seats one adult plus a child inside a filtered air cabin. PODBIKE® will be made from easy reusable materials that together with high efficiency results in personal transport with minimum environmental impact.

The first PODBIKE® (from a test series) – complete with body and canopy ready early 2018.

Launch and deliveries in Norway from early 2019, and for Europe from 2020.

Estimated salesprice for a PODBIKE® basic model delivered in Norway: NOK 50.000,- (incl. VAT/ local sales tax). For EU/EEA: Euro 4600,- plus local sales tax and shipment costs.

Optional equipment at extra cost (complete list of possible optional equipment will be published during 2018)

Why buy PODBIKE®?


From getting in and out of the vehicle and ease of parking and storage, to road visibility and aerodynamic efficiency—and all functional and aesthetic details in between.


Four wheels for better stability. Roll-over protection and possibility of adding seat belts. Energy absorbing crush zones protects the riders from collisions.


Designed for Nordic regions and Nordic peoples. Complete weather protection including roof and windscreen.


Excellent ride comfort independent of road conditions. Lower air drag than a racing bike. First class cornering stability.


PODBIKE® can be stored on its tail. Possible to store a minimum of eight Podbike’s on a single car parking space.


Seat position can be raised automatically to ease entry and exit and is easy to adjust to fit different users.


The pre-ordering online opened October 2016 and by pre-ordering you will get priority on delivery in your region.

To uphold a reservation you will be charged a minimum of

NOK 2500/ € 300 for pre-orders in EU/EEA.

Payment instructions for pre-orders from outside EU/ EEA will follow.

Pre-order your PODBIKE® today by filling out one of the  forms below corresponding to your desired deilvery area.* 


Norway – go to form

European Union (EU and EEA) – go to form

Other global customers (the rest of the world 🙂 ) – go to form

* Delivery areas may be refined and detailed depending on number of preorders, regulations, partners and other factors. Please watch this space for updates.