PODBIKE | About us
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About us

How to make cycling attractive for more people?


Today, only a minor share of the population use cycles for daily transport. The majority use cars.


We have created Podbike velomobile by combining comfort and safety of a car with the benefits of cycling.


The Podbike velomobile builds on many years of R&D and user experience of e-bikes and velomobiles. Founders are Per Hassel Sørensen (TCO and product developer) and Anne-Lise Heggland (CEO), and we look at ourselves as forward-thinking and nature-loving entrepreneurs.


In our workshop in Norway, we focus on sustainable and ethical production with minimal carbon footprint.Currently we are a small team located in Stavanger/ Norway, consisting of experienced engineers and creative enthusiasts supported by business-oriented team members.


Velomobiles are the best in class personal transport based on energy consumption during production and use.

Podbike velomobile reduces emissions from transport by a factor of ten or more compared with electric cars on renewable energy and a factor of at least forty compared with modern cars (traditional and hybrid ICE cars). Podbike velomobile diminishes noise and air pollution, reduces traffic jams and require much less parking space while also providing healthy exercise.


Podbike velomobile is a new concept for sustainable personal transportation with the power to change how we commute, live, work and play. Our sustainable mobility solution connects people and places in a unique way, providing a healthy alternative to cars in urban areas. It also adds functional and emotional value to Podbike user’s lives.